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Keep Delaware Waves Clean on 8/22/20

Join Surfrider Delaware for our very first socially-distanced remote cleanup on Saturday, August 22, 2020.
We'll do it together on the same day so mark your calendar now! Facebook Event here so we know how many people are participating. Please RSVP.
Delaware beaches are packed and vacationers are leaving behind plastic pollution including gloves and masks that litter our shore.

Step one is to get the Data Card that we use to keep track of everything we find. Two different Data Cards are available at the bottom of the page here. One card is for Covid-19 PPE.
We need your help cleaning up the beach, bay, canal, park, or even your own neighborhood. OnAugust 22, while walking the dog, during a seaside stroll, after a paddle, jog, or shredding the surf please pick up any trash you see before it washes into the ocean.
Click the link below to learn how to stay safe during a #SoloBeachCleanup

Email completed Surfrider Beach Cleanup Data Cards along with any pics or questions you may have to
Always, remember to recycle. Hope to see you out there!
When out in public, including to the beach, we ask that you please wear a mask as needed, practice safe physical distancing, and adhere to ALL health agency and government guidelines