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Open Executive Committee Position

We are looking for a dedicated member to fill our open Ocean Friendly Restaurants Coordinator position. See the description below. If you are a current member and interested in helping your local Surfrider chapter please contact Brian Moran at

Committee Member:

Essential Functions

  • Organize and implement Issue Campaigns and Programs
  • Organize and staff outreach events
  • Organize and plan fundraising and awareness events
  • Coordinate and develop volunteers
  • Participate in and co-lead subcommittees, I.e. campaign, program or event committees. Develop a “staff” from volunteer base for assistance
  • Communicate regularly with and be responsive to Regional or National Staff
  • Communicate regularly with and be responsive to chapter membership
  • Conduct annual chapter planning early each year, including rough sketches of campaigns and budgets. Implement the annual plan during the year
  • Ensure that chapter funds are raised, spent, and accounted for properly
  • Meet minimum requirements for chapter operation (see “How to Run an Effective Chapter”) and comply with Chapter Bylaws
  • Use Chapter emails as a way of capturing information relevant to running the Chapter

Additional responsibilities by position:

Ocean Friendly Restaurants Coordinator

Must be a Surfrider Foundation Member; 2 to 20 hours a week, 2-year commitment;  one chapter meeting per month and/or Executive Committee meeting per month

  • Responsible to actively recruit new member restaurants directly and at chapter events
  • Promote the program and our member restaurants using various social media and email outlets
  • Assist OFR members with program promotion through their social media and marketing campaigns
  • Monitor OFR members for adherence to program guidelines
  • Monitor OFR memberships for renewal