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Dogfish Head creates Mostly Oceans for the Delaware Chapter

On March 11 Dogfish Head launched Mostly Oceans, a new beer in collaboration with the Delaware Chapter.  As part of their Beer & Benevolence program, Dogfish Head created a beer that would be uniquely Delaware and focus on the feeling of being at the beach.  Dogfish Head also hosted a beer dinner at Chesapeake & Maine with a fixed menu to match the taste of this new brew.  They also hosted the chapter at two Beer & Benevolence nights on March 11 and 15. These dinners as well as a percentage of proceeds from the sale of Mostly Oceans will help support the work of the Delaware Chapter to protect our beaches and ocean.

Mostly Oceans is available in cans (4-pack) or draft and can only be found at a Dogfish Head restaurant or tasting room.  Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats and Chesapeake & Maine are both Ocean Friendly Restaurant members.