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Delaware Chapter Opposes the CHSP Restaurant Plan

After reviewing several news publications, reviewing the La Vida Hospitality statement, and updates at the November State Parks meeting the chapter has decided to oppose the current plan to add a restaurant in Cape Henlopen State Park.  There are several reasons why we have taken this stance.  The impacts on coastal protection, coastal ecosystems, beach access, and the added pollution to the area were reasons to be in opposition.  We have submitted our letter of opposition to the State Parks.

We believe the Parks have an obligation to continuously improve amenities for visitors of the parks. However, these projects need to be done conscientiously.  As long as they meet the mission and goals of the Surfrider Foundation we will support the Parks in making improvements.  We have a great relationship with the Parks, in particular at Cape Henlopen, Delaware Seashore, and Fenwick Island State Parks. We will continue this positive relationship by making the state beaches accessible, clean, and protected.

We look forward to working with the State Parks and La Vida with any proposed changes in the future.

The link to La Vida Statement is here.

The link to the chapter statement is here.