Surfrider Foundation Delaware

Safe Surfing

The Surfrider Foundation Delaware Chapter, in partnership with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Division of Parks and Recreation and Surf Captain, a national surf forecasting service, based locally in Lewes, have collaborated to install informational signs at Delaware’s two most popular surf breaks.  The signs will be installed at the north side of Indian River Inlet and Herring Point in Cape Henlopen State Park. The visual display for the signs was created by Surf Captain.

The purpose of the signs is to educate surfers and beach goers of the rules of surfing etiquette and safety.  Surfing has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last two years, including in Delaware.  Due to Covid shutdowns and the availability of less expensive foam top surfboards more and more people are hitting the surf.  This is creating crowded conditions which includes many new surfers that may not know the rules of the surf line-up.  To help educate new and experienced surfers of the basic surf rules the Surfrider Foundation Delaware Chapter initiated a Surf Safe education project.  Local surf forecasting service Surf Captain stepped up to help create the visual display for the signs.  The groups then approached the Delaware State Parks to create and install the signs at the two park beaches.

The signs will communicate the universal rules of the surf line-up using visual examples that are easy for even beginners to understand.  The signs emphasize safety, respect for each other, and understanding the current surf conditions. The signs will be installed at each location the week of July 25th located in strategic locations that will allow for maximum visibility.

Several chapter members worked to bring this project to completion and a special shout out to Nick McFadden who spent many hours working to find examples of surf safety signs and working with his contacts at DNREC to help move the project forward.