June 16, 2015

International Surfing Day 2015 – June 20th @ 8am – Indian River, North Side

Please join us at this year’s International Surfing Day Celebration, Saturday, June 20th, 8AM Indian River Inlet North Side.

This year you can also help us by joining Surfrider through this special link made just for our Chapter. You can also renew your membership there or just donate
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t600-5.17 Hands Across Sand 2
June 12, 2015

Hands Across the Sand – Against Offshore Drilling

Surfrider and Sierra Club host Hands Across the Sand event
By Chris Flood | Jun 06, 2015

t1200-5.17 Hands Across Sand 1

Members of the Delaware chapters of Surfrider and the Sierra Club join hands during the national Hands Across the Sand event, held in opposition to offshore drilling. Pictured are (l-r) Bruce and Damon Galm of Rehoboth, Surfrider event coordinator Dominic Ragni, Surfrider member Jules Jackson of Lewes, Surfrider vice chair Steve Myers, Surfrider members Melanie and Jay Liesener of Milton, Sierra Club member Peter Roe, Surfrider President John Doerfler and his son John John, Sierra Club member Amy Roe, Sierra Club member Laura Henderson, and Surfrider family Kyleigh, Sue, Erin and Dwayne Dunlap.

INDIAN RIVER INLET — Representatives of the Delaware chapters of Surfrider and the Sierra Club joined forces to celebrate Hands Across the Sand at Indian River Inlet May 16.
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June 8, 2015

California’s Pumping, and California’s Dreaming

California is dreaming…they are dreaming about your water. In all of the well publicized problems of the California drought right now, they don’t mention one thing. They don’t mention that California has until recently pumped 1.35 billion gallons of water into the Pacific ocean every day through ocean outfall pipes. Yes, we said billion.

They have cut that back a bit in recent years due to water recycling programs*, but it is still about a billion gallons a day.
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May 29, 2015

Tidewater Proposal – $20 Million

Link to Tidewater’s proposal for land application for $20 million.

At the May 15th Public Hearing in Rehoboth where the Commissioners set a date for the referendum on borrowing money for an ocean outfall pipe, a letter was read from Tidewater Utilities. It said they would be submitting a proposal detailing the cost of a land based application approach for Rehoboth Beach’s Wastewater Treatment Plant’s water. This proposal was just officially posted on the Tidewater website. At $20 million, it is much less than the recent estimates of $31 million for the cost of the pipe alone. Please read that proposal here
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Delray Beach Oufall Pipe
May 18, 2015

Outfall Pipe Vote Set for June 27th

City of Rehoboth Commissioners set the date for the referendum, the public vote, on borrowing the money for the controversial ocean outfall pipe for Saturday, June 27, 2015.

People need to ask why the cost keeps going up. The City website claims the outfall pipe portion of the project will be $25 Million as seen in the slideshow (below the video) here . But tow news articles have the cost of the outfall pipe portion at $31 or $32 million, as reported in this Cape Gazette article by Ryan Mavity and this News Journal article by Molly Murray.

Let us just say that Stan Mills’ claim of “misinformation” by our group are unfounded.
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May 12, 2015

Rehoboth Beach Mailer & Public Hearing

The Chapter has sent a mailing to every property owner in Rehoboth Beach to make them aware of the referendum coming up on borrowing money to fund the outfall pipe. The mailer aims to tell people that as property owners, they are eligible to vote in the election even if they don’t live in Rehoboth. Here is a PDF of the one-page mailing. Please share this with those you know that own property in Rehoboth.

And please, please come out the public hearing
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May 6, 2015

Hands Across the Sand

May 16th – 11:30 AM – Northside Indian River Inlet

·  Did you know oil exploration and seismic testing is being actively proposed by the Department of Interior directly off of our Delaware coasts?
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May 6, 2015

Monthly Chapter Meeting May 12th

Monthly Chapter Meeting

May 12th – 6:30 PM – Lewes Public Library, Lewes DE

We will be holding our monthly chapter meeting to plan for the coming summer events and outfall response, appeals process, and logistics.

All members and non-members are welcome

May 6, 2015

Public Hearing on Ocean Outfall Pipe Vote

Where:  Rehoboth City Hall, Commissioners Room, 229 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE
When:   Friday, May 15 at 7:00pm
There will be a public hearing by the Rehoboth Beach Mayor and Commissioners on setting the date for the referendum where we can vote on borrowing the money to build the ocean outfall pipe. Please attend and urge then to vote no on holding the referendum. All Sussex County Residents are being asked to contribute towards this ocean outfall pipe for the sewage treatment plant. If you don’t want it come out an speak! There will be a comment period at the meeting.
Sussex County is funding 40% of this project.  Even if you do not live within the City limits, but live in Sussex County, this issue affects you.

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April 21, 2015

Rehoboth to ask voters for $71 million

Council approves outfall loan
By Ryan Mavity | Apr 21, 2015

Article can be found on

DOVER — Rehoboth Beach officials will ask voters to approve borrowing $71 million to pay for the proposed ocean outfall and City Hall projects. While a referendum is expected to take place in June, opponents of the outfall say it is not a done deal yet.

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